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Content marketing; has it changed everything, or not?

Once upon a time, it was all so simple and straightforward. There were messages that you paid for: advertising, in all its forms, and there were messages that you didn’t pay for: editorial (of course, you did pay for that too, but not directly; you paid your PR company and they – hopefully – got your messages across via journalists).

Now though, it’s all different; the Internet has given organisations and individuals the ability to access a potentially global audience via blogs, tweets, Instagram, Tumblr and all the other platforms, so now it isn’t simply a question of pushing messages out, it’s making information available via interesting content and hoping to attract readers who will eventually turn into customers.

Personally, I always have to have a picture (or infographic as people insist on calling practically everything these days) to make sense of things; this is my picture of how content marketing has changed things.

Layout 1

Great, lovely. So here we all are, chasing our customers via multiple touch points, SEO and organic search but, as we can see from my handy diagram, while it undoubtedly has become hard to define exactly where advertising stops and editorial starts, they are both still there, and one still depending on the other for its livelihood.

Phew, so that’s all right then; I’m not entirely redundant, and people still need great creative ideas to help them sell stuff. Hurrah!